Community Water Works:

Community Water Works (CWW) is an innovative community owned and operated appropriate water technology service that will monitor, maintain and administer a cluster of private wells into a self-regulated community water utility. CCWs will:

  • Adopt appropriate water technology that will take out pollutants, leave in minerals, minimize wastewater and do so with no chemicals and low energy.
  • Provide safe water at every faucet in the house with a Water POD™ system.
  • Require community action to adopt appropriate water technology and a workable business model.
  • Demand ongoing maintenance of community wells to keep them operating properly.
  • Be a fee-based service to cover amortization of capital expense and operating expenses.
  • Utilize Water POD™ appropriate water technology and telemetry to assist in a “Safe Water Assurance” program that ensures wells are operating properly and safely.

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