Moe’s Minions 

Dr. Moe and his minions at Marquette’s lab, located in Global Water Center

Moe’s minions-  Marquette University

The Moe’s Minion program allows students from Milwaukee Marshall high school to come to the Global Water Center to work on water quality projects.  Dr. Kyana Young, a postdoctoral research fellow from Marquette University (who heads this project) said, “This program aims to train high school students who are historically underrepresented in environmental engineering, to conduct innovative drinking water treatment research.” Dr. Kyana then mentioned that, “Drinking water quality has become a challenging compliance concern in cities across the nation.  In response to the need for drinking water research, the program will train high school students to conduct research that focuses on reducing contaminant concentrations in drinking water.  In addition to raising drinking water quality awareness, the high school program will create a robust pipeline of students pursuing water technical careers by affording them the opportunity to intern at the Global Water Center.”  Stonehouse will continue to be a part of this great opportunity for inner city youth.

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