Clean, healthy water for your family.

Having a WaterPOD™ is like having life insurance; protecting us from what we put IN and ON our bodies every single day!  Most people don’t think about the water quality beyond what they drink, but the fact is, we should be equally concerned about water quality for all of its uses.

Our skin is our largest organ absorbing everything we put on it. Taking a bath or shower allows water into our system through our skin. If your water has contaminants such as heavy metals, organic compounds or toxic chemicals, you want to remove those throughout your water supply. If you are not sure – find out!  (What’s in your water?)  Get that insurance to know your family has clean, healthy water for drinking, bathing, cleaning, and cooking.

The WaterPOD™ is a small and smart whole home water purification system

It provides clean, healthy water, on demand, to every tap in your home for drinking, cooking and bathing. The WaterPOD™ mimics the multiple stages of a water treatment plant without adding harmful chemicals. It is a point-of-entry system designed as a home appliance. The unit tracks water usage and is equipped with an advanced water leak detection system with smart alerts offering you peace of mind.

Why a WaterPOD™?

With the increasing uncertainty of water quality, whether you own a private well or use municipal water, there are no shortcuts when it comes to you and your family’s health and well-being. It can be confusing when trying to determine the right system for your home. The WaterPOD™ takes the guess work out of water purification systems by delivering clean healthy water on demand to every faucet in your home – all without the need for reverse osmosis, chemicals, and waste water!

Creating practical, affordable water purification systems that provide clean healthy drinking water to individuals and communities.

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