Clean, healthy water for the planet.

We believe people reach for bottled water for one or two reasons – either they believe it is safer or they do so for convenience (or both).  As we know, plastic has become a huge waste issue for our planet; plastic litter is seen in our cities, oceans, waterways and contributes to health problems in humans and animals. The amount of plastic introduced each year equals about 50 billion bottles.  Beyond that, even though we believe bottled water is safer, the fact is there are no regulations governing its quality.  Often bottled water is simply tap water bottled and sold at over 300 times more than the cost of the original source.

Purify your water and take it with you, giving you the confidence that you are drinking cleaner, healthier water than that which you purchase in a plastic bottle. Every plastlc water bottle you do not purchase is one less for the environment. Did we mention you save money? An H2Go® comes with every WaterPOD™ purchase.

The WaterPOD™ is the world’s smallest and smartest water purification system

It is a self-contained water treatment plant that is designed to be an in-home appliance. The WaterPOD™ features advanced electronics that monitor water usage, flow rates and smart enough to alert when filters need to be changed.

Why a WaterPOD™?

With the increasing uncertainty of water quality, whether you own a private well or use municipal water, there are no shortcuts when it comes to you and your family’s health and well-being. It can be confusing when trying to determine the right system for your home. The WaterPOD™ takes the guess work out of water purification systems by delivering clean healthy water on demand to every faucet in your home – all without the need for reverse osmosis, chemicals, and waste water!

Creating practical, affordable water purification systems that provide clean healthy drinking water to individuals and communities.

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