Meet Moe Mukiibi: PhD, President & Chief Technology Officer 

Dr. Moe Mukiibi is a well-known, published water expert and a passionate technology innovator who is recognized by American Water Association (AWA), World Health Organization (WHO) and International Water Association (IWA). Throughout his career, he led and executed numerous state of the art water projects for the federal governments (EPA, NIEHS, Military, DOI, DOE etc), state governments (AZ, TX, LA, CA, NV, MO, NM, WY, CO etc), as well as fortune 500 companies, such as Intel and BP. He is a recipient of 15 Distinguished Awards related to water projects around the world and often invited to speak in water and technology conferences.

Previously, Dr. Moe served as technical adviser to Water Conditioning and Purification (WC&P) magazine. In 2005, he founded Africa Children’s Charity (ACC), a nonprofit organization headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. ACC’s mission is to take in abandoned children and provide for their food, shelter, education, spiritual, family nurturing and medical care including HIV treatment.

Before joining Stonehouse, Dr. Moe served as President and Chief Technology Officer for FWM Technologies. Moe has obtained three degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (BSc), and a Masters and Doctorate degree in Engineering (MS, PhD)-both from the University of Arizona.

Creating practical, affordable water purification systems that provide clean healthy drinking water to individuals and communities.

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