Making the Unthinkable Drinkable™...

For Your Family.

Skin is our largest organ and absorbs anything we put on it.  Municipal water and well water can contain cancer-causing agents.

For The Planet.

Purify your water and take it with you!  You can help by eliminating the need for bottled water, leaving less plastic waste in our landfills.

For The World.

It’s heartbreaking to know that millions of people around the world don’t have access to clean drinking water and are dying of water borne diseases.



The WaterPOD™ is the world’s smallest and smartest water purification system

It is a self-contained water treatment plant that is designed to be an in-home appliance. The WaterPOD™ features advanced electronics that monitor water usage, flow rates and smart enough to alert when filters need to be changed.

Why a WaterPOD™?

With the increasing uncertainty of water quality, whether you own a private well or use municipal water, there are no shortcuts when it comes to you and your family’s health and well-being. It can be confusing when trying to determine the right system for your home. The WaterPOD™ takes the guess work out of water purification systems by delivering clean healthy water on demand to every faucet in your home – all without the need for reverse osmosis, chemicals, and waste water!

The WaterPOD™

Your personal mini water treatment plant; a small appliance that fits neatly into your home. It connects to your home’s main water supply at point of entry and filters water for your entire home with no chemicals and no waste water!

The App

Your WaterPOD™ is smart; it is equipped with a monitoring that records data about your water and your WaterPOD™ system. It comes with a mobile application that enables customized notifications about your water quality.

The Service

Our team has your back! Any questions or concerns you have, we’re available to help. We’ll assist you with understanding the installation process and guide you through maintenance which is minimally intensive .

Creating practical, affordable water purification systems that provide clean healthy drinking water to individuals and communities.

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