Introducing the



Eliminates bad odor and taste
Eliminates 99.999% of bacteria
Reduces heavy metals 
including lead
Kills 99.999% of viruses (UV system)

“Providing clean healthy water to every faucet.”

About Stonehouse Water

The world faces significant water quality challenges. Stonehouse Water Technologies has developed practical, affordable water purification systems that provide clean healthy drinking water to individuals and communities experiencing water contamination from a variety of sources.

Making the Unthinkable Drinkable™

“70% of industrial waste is dumped into water bodies where they pollute the usable water supply”

“Agriculture accounts for approximately 80 percent of the United States’ consumptive water use and over 90 percent in many Western States”

“Emerging contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, endocrine disruptors, personal care products, and pesticides are affecting our fresh water supply daily”

Why You Need a WaterPOD™

With the increasing uncertainty of water quality; whether you own a private well or use municipal water, there are no short cuts when it comes to you and your families’ health and well-being.

It can be confusing when choosing a system
 for your home. The Water POD™ takes the guess work out of water purification systems by delivering clean healthy water on demand to every faucet in your home; all without the need for reverse osmosis, and without the use of chemicals.

The WaterPOD™ is the smallest compact total whole house water treatment system on the market. With a footprint of 2 ft. in length,
1 1⁄2 ft. in width and less than 3 ft. tall, it can easily fit into areas with limited space.

A WaterPOD™ installed in your home or business will give you peace of mind knowing that when you turn on any faucet you will be assured of safe, healthy water 24/7!

Innovative Technologies for Effective Water Purification Systems

Stonehouse Water Technologies conducts extensive, ongoing water projects. We partner with Universities and other innovative companies to ensure we have the highest quality of technology for our water purification systems.