The Water POD FLEX



This unique configuration of 10″x10″x26″ modules can be adjusted to fit any size constraints or filtration contaminates. Depending on your water needs, the unit can have multiple or few cartridges. The Water POD FLEX, like Water POD 8, can eliminate all bacteria and viruses, and eliminate/reduce hundreds of other contaminates. This industrial use filtration system has a minimum flow rate of 15 GPM on a 110 volt outlet. Installation and maintenance is minimally intensive, and can be done by a plumber.

The Water POD FLEX

Application: Industrial/commercial

Dimensions: Single module 10″ X 10″ X

Energy requirements: 120 ac volts, consumes less than 25 watts

Housing specifications: Multiple water treatment stages

Flow rate: customized for required flow

Maximum water pressure or 90 psi

Compliant with EPA, NSF and AWPC testing labs

Inlet/outlet water connection: 1″

Water quality assurance: Eliminates E. coli, total coliform and viruses

Eliminates or reduces heavy metals or EPA acceptable levels

Eliminates chlorine, chloramines and reduces nitrates

Reduces sediment, improves taste, removes odor, improves taste

Real-time monitoring: Smart technology equipped with many sensors and IoT

Alerts to notify users


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