The Water POD™ – Purification On Demand

Stonehouse Water Technologies has developed a cost-effective, modular water filtration system that addresses the growing concerns about current and future access to fresh water, both domestically and globally. Water POD™ technology solves the problem of contaminated and unhealthy drinking water in underserved and distressed populations where water quality issues are a part of daily life.

The Problem With Private Wells

Studies show that a growing and diverse amount of contaminants from various sources continues to contaminate ground water used by private wells. It is a growing trend with serious health implications that is not easily reversible. To address this issue, well owners must adopt alternative measures to ensure the water they use to drink, cook and bathe with is safe. Consistent treatment and testing is the only certain and verifiable way to have access to safe well water.

Moreover, because private wells are unregulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, the responsibility for safe well water falls to well owners at the state level.

To address the challenges of contaminated wells, Stonehouse has designed the water POD™ water purification system

Point of Entry

The Water POD™ whole house system is designed to provide high flow (15 gal/min) to provide clean, safe water at every faucet. The system is installed where the water enters the house.

Invest in clean water