Advantages of Water POD over current water treatment systems

Stonehouse utilizes appropriate water technology for our water treatment systems.
We take out the bad, leave in the good, minimize the waste, all with low energy and no chemicals.

POD Technology – Potable On Demand

The Water POD is a flow through system that treats water as you use your existing faucets.

State-of-the-art components.

Our strategy is to adapt to new and improved technologies as they become available and not to invest vertically into mature component manufacturing.

IoT – Internet of Things

  • On board telemetry manages the operation of the core module and communicates remotely.
  • Assist the business administration with accurate usage data per transaction (Water Card).
  • Big Data collection and evaluation to map and track usage and treatment patterns across multiple contamination issues and diverse geographic locations.


The Water POD commits little to no wastewater concentrate back to the drain. All concentrate (pollutants) are either changed to benign chemistry or confined in filters to be properly disposed of when full.

Energy efficient.

The Water POD requires little energy to operate the core module, run pumps or back washings.

Long view = robotic technology

Our goal is to manufacture a self-contained appliance that will self-evaluate and treat incoming source water and to then self-verify the outgoing water quality to the user.

Available Systems

Core Module – treats incoming water through a series of filters and disinfection devices to ensure water is potable. All components on the core module are monitored by sensors. Collected data is then transmitted to remote centers to be used for operational assistance.

Kiosk – The Water POD kiosk has a touch screen for information to the user and, in Water Card mode, acts as a user identification with cashless payment abilities.