The Water POD – Potable On Demand

Stonehouse Water Technologies has developed a cost-effective, modular water filtration system that addresses the growing concerns about current and future access to fresh water, both domestically and globally. Water POD technology solves the problem of polluted and unhealthy drinking water in underserved and distressed populations where water contamination is a part of daily life.

The Problem With Private Wells

Studies show that a growing and diverse amount of pollutants from various sources continues to contaminate ground water used by private wells. It is a growing trend with serious health implications that is not easily reversible. To address this issue, well owners must adopt alternative measures to ensure the water they use to drink, cook and bathe with is safe. Consistent treatment and testing is the only certain and verifiable way to have access to safe well water.

Moreover, because private wells are unregulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, the responsibility for safe well water falls to well owners at the state level.

To address the challenge of a contaminated well, Stonehouse has designed two types of Water POD water treatment systems:

Point of Use

The basic Water POD filtration and dispensing system is low flow (3-5 gal/min) and designed to provide high quality water for drinking and cooking. It can be deployed in a public setting. Access to the water dispensing kiosk is provided by a programmable card.

Point of Entry

The Water POD whole house (whole well treatment) system is designed to provide high flow (10 gal/min) to provide clean, safe water for showering, washing, drinking and cooking needs. The whole house system is installed where the water enters the house. 

Monitoring for consistent, safe water

An important feature of the Water POD systems is its comprehensive electronic, wireless water quality monitoring and use system. Each Water POD is monitored remotely 24/7 to ensure that all components are operating at optimum levels. In addition, water inputs and outputs will be tested regularly to assure the Water POD client that the system is performing to the highest standards of protection and quality. This remote “smart” system will enable the servicing agent to replace filters at the appropriate time to enable the Water POD to provide uninterrupted service.

Innovative nature of Water POD systems

Use no chemicals

Use minimal amounts of electricity

Avoid the loss of beneficial trace minerals by avoiding the use of RO

Don’t require back flushing

Employ latest state-of-the-art filtering technologies

Apply water quality enhancement treatment

Water POD systems will reduce:

Excessive sediment


Selected heavy metals

Water POD system can reduce to non-detectable levels:

E.coli and other bacteria

Pharmaceuticals and viruses

Invest in clean water.