Why The Water POD™ Centralized Filtration and Disinfection System is better

The Water POD™ central treatment unit acquires water at the entry point to your home or building from either a well or municipal water source, and filters it to produce clean water for the entire home.

  • Eliminates bad odor and taste
  • Eliminates 99.999% of bacteria
  • Reduces or eliminates heavy metals 
including lead
  • Kills 99.999% of viruses (UV system)
  • Operates with low energy inputs
  • Includes remote monitoring system for easy 
maintenance and quality control
  • Can be solar powered
  • Produces mineral-enriched potable water
  • Daily capacity over 20,000 gallons
  • Scalable-additional treatment modules (“apps”) can be added to core module if warranted
  • On Board telemetry manages the operation of the core module and communicates remotely
  • Assist the business administration with accurate usage data per transaction (Water Card)
  • Big Data collection and evaluation to map and track usage and treatment patterns across multiple contamination issues and diverse geographic locations

The Water POD™ Process

  • Can filter water from a variety of sources
  • Eliminates a range of polluting chemicals and organic contaminants
  • Employs a “smart” remote, electronic system that monitors and tracks water usage and system performance
  • Produces no waste water in the treatment process. The Water POD requires no chemicals
  • Allows for rapid, easy and inexpensive service

Advantages of the Water POD™ over current water treatment systems

Stonehouse utilizes appropriate water technology for our water treatment system. We take out the bad, leave in the good, minimize the waste, all with low energy and no chemicals.