Kewaunee County, Wisconsin

Kewaunee County is the home to many dairy farms that is the economic base of the county. Water issues with private wells have become a tragic reality in that 34% of the wells tested have been reported contaminated and unfit to drink.

Stonehouse Water Technologies in conjunction with a philanthropic group have been providing free water to the citizens with bad wells. This is accomplished by a kiosk at the Algoma, Wisconsin High School where the water is free to all citizens registered in the program.

Stonehouse has also developed a whole house treatment system to be piloted in a local town to determine feasibility, cost and maintenance requirements over a period of time that will allow the town to establish a Community Water Works that will make sure wells in the town will operate and produce quality drinking water.

Together the two systems will guarantee purification water on demand for the town citizens and will be a solid step forward to a self-reliant, sustainable solution to water quality problems in their town.