Point of Grace Academy: Kisumu, Kenya/Africa

Point of Grace Academy is a school with 550 students and faculty located in the village of Kisumu, Kenya, Africa near Lake Victoria.

Stonehouse is installing a Water POD surface water treatment system that will provide the school and 1,000 residents in the village adjacent to the school with clean, filtered water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Water will be taken out of Lake Victoria about 100 meters from the school and piped to a large sand filter that will be used to fill up an elevated cistern. Pre-conditioned water from the cistern will flow, under gravity, through the Water POD core treatment module and out to the kiosk when dispensing is requested.

What is a Surface Water Treatment System?

Surface water is generally defined as a lake or river. These systems can have varying turbidity levels in the water entering the Water POD core treatment module. In cases of high turbidity caused by particles of soil, organic matter and metals suspended in the water, pre-filtering may be required to adequately maintain the system. All surface water systems are assessed to measure the amount of variable turbidity and determine the required pre-filtering products to be installed.