About Stonehouse

The home base of Stonehouse Water Technologies is located in the Global Water Center in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our space in this facility enables us to enjoy ongoing collaborative relationships with The Water Council, the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, School of Freshwater Sciences, Marquette University, international Industrial water technologies, and emerging water technology innovators.

Our water technologies research takes place here. Once our initial testing is completed, we transfer these technologies to specific beta test sites. Final testing at these beta sites readies our systems for general use.


Stonehouse Water Technologies was founded in December of 2012. The President of Stonehouse, Hensley Foster, is a retired engineer with an extensive business background. Stonehouse’s Vice President, Anne Wick, is a Registered Nurse specializing in education and infection control. The two came together with a passion to create a purification system that would eliminate drinking water contaminants. Their initial focus primarily dealt with third world countries; however, due to their exposure at the Global Water Center, they realized that Wisconsin was experiencing third world water quality conditions of its own kind. This led to the development of a new business model that directly addresses domestic water issues.

Hensley Foster and Anne Wick with the Water POD™ kiosk that was installed in Algoma Wisconsin

Creating practical, affordable water purification systems that provide clean healthy drinking water to individuals and communities.






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Stonehouse Water Technologies

The Global Water Center
247 Freshwater Way, Suite 310
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