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The world faces significant water quality challenges. Stonehouse Water Technologies is developing practical, affordable water purification systems intended to restore personal wellness and healthy, clean water to those individuals and communities suffering from contaminated surface and well water. Stonehouse is also focusing on providing a premium quality water product through retail outlets.

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70% of industrial waste is dumped into water bodies where they pollute the usable water supply.

Unfilter the Truth

Making the Unthinkable Drinkable™

With growing concerns about the current and future needs for freshwater access globally, Stonehouse has created a cost-effective, modular, mini water filtration system. The Water POD solves the problem of a lack of healthy, clean drinking water in underserved and distressed populations where water contamination is a part of daily life.

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Latest News

EPA Finalizing Kewaunee Water Plan

The EPA says it is finalizing a plan to supply water to a group of residents with contaminated wells, where manure spreading by large dairy farms has been a growing source of controversy. Read More […]


Water POD Kiosk in Kewaunee County

The kiosk provides the Kewaunee County residents with a source of clean, healthy drinking water. Read More […]

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